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Complete a form online and let us suggest suitable rental properties or hotels, book your holiday activities such as car hire, scuba diving, cruises etc (at the same rate you would pay booking directly)  -  or simply contact us for general advice.Barbados vacation accommodation - from budget rentals to luxury hotel resorts and beach front villas- long term property rentals and relocation advice, real estate, land purchase....Barbados vacation activities- deep sea fishing, catamaran cruises, golf, tennis, shooting, shows, dining, nightlife .......Travelling with children? We have written pages just for you- including ideas for days out with the family, and suitable evening entertainment. Useful tips and advice - local doctors, health care, pharmacies, babysitters etc.Barbados car hire, scooters rentals, buses, taxi fares, airport transfers- Barbados transport informationWhat's on in Barbados throughout the year -  sightseeing, tours, sporting events including test match cricket, carnivals, Crop Over,  polo, music, food festivals and more.....Barbados weddings, reunions, group parties, birthdays- helpful information and ideas.Barbados island facts, weather, climate, currency, beaches, where to surf, shopping - local business directory....
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Internet service Providers in Barbados



Barbados Internet Cafes and Internet Service Providers

To connect to the internet from your own computer/ laptop, whether it be for a few hours when on vacation, for private or business use, please click below for a list of service providers. Use these to pay for a short term plan and use the email account to access your own email while on vacation. The most popular are caribsurf.com and sunbeach.net

Alternatively you could visit an internet cafe in Barbados and access email or surf the net from there.

Communication in Barbados

Useful numbers to note for your Barbados trip are as follows:

    Emergency Police 211
Emergency Fire 311
   Emergency Ambulance 511

Operator services (including oversees assistance) 0
Directory Assistance

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Shoestring Barbados Listings - Internet, Communication and Business

Barbados Internet Cafes

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Barbados Internet Service Providers

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Communication methods while in Barbados (mobile phones etc)

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Cable and Wireless Call anyone in the world with just one number 1-800-744-2000 Use your credit card at any touch-tone phone. They also rent mobile phones for the duration of your stay or will offer advice about using your own while in Barbados. Tel (246) 292 CARE

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Web site http://www.candw.com.bb




Barbados Business Services including advisory and government listings



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Barbados web design and promotions!

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Barbados Internet, Email, Web Design, Communication and Business.......

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