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Barbados Banks

Bayshore Bank & Trust (Barbados) Corporation

Through its chartered operations located in the Caribbean Island of
Barbados, Bayshore Bank & Trust (Barbados) Corporation offers financial services
designed for high net worth individuals and corporations.

Bayshore Bank & Trust provides a true turn-key wealth
management relationship from private banking facilities to trustee and
company services in most offshore jurisdictions.

Contact us for more details

+(246) 430 8650

Toll Free:
1(888) 324-5456

Fax number:
+(246) 430 5335


For customer service or account enquiries, select:
Customer Accounts and General Enquiries

If you wish to initiate a business
partner relationship, select:

Business Partner Relationship

To inquire about employment or to
submit a resumé, select:

Employment Opportunities

Physical Address:
Lauriston House
Lower Collymore Rock
St. Michael
Barbados, West Indies

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1132
St. Michael

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Barbados and Caribbean Offshore banking

A Unique Approach to Global Private Banking, Wealth Management , Offshore Banking, Trust, Tax
& Estate Planning & Structures

Bayshore Bank & Trust, a chartered bank located on the Caribbean Island of Barbados with affiliates in
Cayman Islands, Toronto, and the Turks & Caicos Islands, offers a variety of private banking and investment
management solutions to high net worth individuals and corporations. Our tailored approach to wealth
management includes a full array of services, ranging from private banking facilities to trustee and company
services to offshore financial planning for most offshore jurisdictions, specially designed to meet your needs.

A Major International Financial Centre

Beyond its allure as a world-renowned tourist destination, Barbados has become a major
global financial centre as a result of its long tradition of political stability, supportive regulatory environment
and sophisticated financial infrastructure. Barbados is the offshore to many of the world's major financial institutions
and also has an extensive network of tax treaties that facilitate tax-efficient wealth creation and management for
global investors.

Bayshore Bank & Trust (Barbados) Corporation



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Financial Advice/ Accountants in Barbados


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 General Banking Info


Barbados banks are usually open between 8.00am and 3.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00 to
5.00 pm on Friday.

The Mutual Bank of the Caribbean has two branches that open to 7.00pm Monday
to Friday and until 2pm on Saturday.

There are numerous ATM machines on the South and West Coast and in Bridgetown but only one on
the East Coast, in Belleplaine, St Andrew.

UK travellers enjoy making use of their Switch cards, and may withdraw Bds$ at any banks
displaying the Cirrus sign.

If you are a non-National you may open a bank account by presenting two forms of ID (passport,
drivers licence etc) and depositing the minimum amount required - usually around Bds$25 You will
be able to open a savings account and have a savings book and card, with which you may withdraw
money at local cash point machines. Call your preferred bank for more details.

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